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Welcome to the Overlook Lakes Condominium Association Community Resource

Managed and updated by a team of neighbor volunteers, the user-friendly OLCA website is designed to offer information and communication to condominium owners and residents. This is your “go to” place for important announcements, events, contacts, and resources. We welcome feedback and suggestions if you have ideas to help make our community grow!

What's New

1-11-20: New Updates to the Approved Garage and Storm Doors in the Information & Resources page.

1-11-20: The Royal Chimney Sweep has been posted as a Fireplace/Chimney Maintenance recommendation in the Information & Resources page.

1-11-20: Stramowski Heating has been posted as a HVAC recommendation in the Information & Resources page.

1-2-20: Dehling Voigt has been posted as a Window recommendation in the Information & Resources page.

12-28-19: Board Minutes from the December 19th, 2019 meeting has been posted in the Owner’s Section.

12-20-19: Board Minutes from the November 21st, 2019 meeting and Update to the 2020 HOA Fees has been posted in the Owner’s Section.

12-4-19: The December 2019 Board of Directors Letter has been posted in the Owner’s Section.

10-30-19: Congratulations to Building 46-C! This is the first OLCA building where Owners from each unit has registered for access to the website. If you have a neighbor in your building who hasn’t yet registered, encourage them to do so today! We currently have 72% of the Westlake units signed up and 64% of the Woodbridge units.

10-30-19: Board Minutes from the September 21st, 2019 meeting has been posted in the Owner’s Section.

10-23-19: An updated Work Order Request Form PDF and Word Document has been posted in the Information & Resources page.

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Owners are encouraged to subscribe to the secure Owner’s section. This section includes board minutes, key condo documents, and an Owner’s Communication form where owners submit articles to post on the OLCA website.

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The "OVER" View

Keep up to date with what is happening at OLCA and within our Community. The "OVER" View is a collection of OLCA News, Events, Public Service Announcements and Posts from people within our Community. If you would like to submit an article, please fill out the Owner's Communication form.

Landscape Update

Posted in: Buildings & Grounds, OLCA News

Updated 9-30-19

B&G Committee Announcement – Removal of Dead Trees

Beginning Monday, October 7th, Cowboy Cuts Trees will be on site to remove the dead trees in our complex. There are a number of trees so they will be here for a couple of days. We will not be replacing trees this year, but will budget for tree replacements in 2020. Please email any questions or related comments to Linda Meyer, Chairperson of the B&G Committee.

Pink Tape on Trees

The pink plastic tape was put around 17 Austrian Pines (including 3 dead spruces) that appear to have browning needles due to a fungus. This was needed to get an idea of how many trees needed to be replaced at some time in the near future and to get bids. This would need to be confirmed by a licensed arborist and to see if the fungus could be economically controlled by sprays or other treatments. The tape was put on by an ad-hoc group from the Board and Grounds Committee who are not arborists. The Board needs to confirm that they are all Austrian Pines that are particularly susceptible to this fungus and will eventually die. Austrian Pines were originally planted because they grew fast but are no longer recommended by arborists because of the fungus. The Board has not voted on replacing these Pines yet until they get arborist recommendations.

A similar situation is occurring with the ash trees in the Condo grounds which will also eventually die from the Emerald Ash Borer. Some can be treated for awhile but all need to be replaced as treatment is only temporary and is expensive.

Updates To OLCA Committees

Posted in: OLCA News

After many years of suggestions from OLCA owners, there is a brand new Communications Committee. This new committee will be in place of the Website Team and is responsible for maintaining and updating the OLCA website. Including: posting news, announcements, uploading documents from owners, committees & board members, as well as maintaining the OLCA Facebook Group. Long time Website Team member and programmer/designer of the OLCA website Trevor Podd has been appointed Chairperson of the Communications Committee. Cathy Podd is now a Communications Committee member and will continue to manage and update the OLCA Facebook Group.

Phil Krenz is stepping down from the Finance Committee chair and will be headed by long time Finance Committee member Jannine Beyer. Congratulations Jannine! Phil will continue to serve as a member of the Finance Committee. The OLCA community thanks everyone for their service.

The OLCA community is always looking for talented people to lend a helping hand. If you are interested visit the OLCA Committee page and contact the Committee Chairperson.

Committee Volunteers Needed

Posted in: OLCA News

How would you like to be more involved in the association, get to know your neighbors, and help maintain our well-run beautiful property? Consider participating in one of our volunteer association committees! Overlook Lakes has four committees: Buildings & Grounds, Finance, Communications and Social. Each committee has a variety of tasks that need a bit of your time and talent. Choose what fits your style!

If you are interesting in helping visit the OLCA Committee Page and contact the Committee Leader.

OLCA Seeks Landscape Volunteers

Posted in: Buildings & Grounds, OLCA News

The Buildings and Grounds Committee is reaching out to residents who would have an interest in helping with light landscaping work around the complex. As most are aware, the budget for landscaping work is limited. This volunteer work group will augment our contractor’s work by performing “light” landscaping.

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Greetings From Your Buildings & Grounds Committee

Posted in: Buildings & Grounds, OLCA News

Since the 2019 Annual Meeting, much has been happening at OLCA. A mostly-new Building & Grounds Committee has been meeting, surveying the property and creating lists of “to dos.”

Specifically, the B&G Committee is:

  • Identifying work that needs to be done to keep our landscaping beautiful
  • Reviewing previous owner-submitted work and maintenance requests
  • Assessing the cost of planned and submitted work
  • Determining the priority of pending and requested work

You may see us walking around your building as we continue to identify areas of need. If you see us, please come out and say hi. We would love to meet you!

B&G expects to begin on the higher priority work this summer. For work items and requests that are not financially or logistically feasible at this time, the committee will prioritize. In all cases B&G will keep owners up-to-date via the website, as well as communicate to each owner who submits a request. Please check back for updates!

Your Buildings & Grounds Committee consists of Linda Meyer (Chair), Tom Meyer, Dave Glenn, Jim Kleist and Jeff Stark. Contact information for the committee can be found on the Board & Committees page.

Grilling On Balconies

Posted in: Village

The use of grills on the balconies of any apartment building or condo is prohibited. At ground level grills shall not be used within 10 feet of any structure and at least 36” away from any combustibles when operated. Liquid propane grills are not allowed above the ground floor and LP cylinders are never to be stored or transported through the building. They cannot be lifted to the balcony on the exterior of the building.

Village Burning Codes

Posted in: Village

14.08 (3) FIRE PITS

(3) RECREATIONAL BURNING (Wood Burning Appliance) A recreational fire is defined as a fire to be used for cooking, or esthetics benefit similar to that of a campfire. The fire shall be confined to a commercially designed outdoor wood burning appliance.

  1. Requirements on size and location of recreational fires, and general requirements.
  2. Fires shall be in an approved outdoor appliance less than or equal to 3 feet in diameter and less than or equal to 3 feet in height.
  3. The fire area shall be protected by a screen or wire mesh as to hold down any flying embers.
  4. Fires shall contain only wood or charcoal; any other building materials are prohibited
  5. The wind velocity may not exceed 10 mph.
  6. Fires shall NOT be started or accelerated using flammable liquids, such as gasoline.
  7. The fire must be a minimum of 10 feet from all structures, roadways and lot lines.
  8. The outdoor appliance shall not be used on any deck or wooden surface.
  9. If smoke travels in such a manner that it obscures roadways, if the fire department receives complaints from the area, or it is deemed to be a hazard, the Fire Official reserves the right to require that the fire be extinguished.

How to License Your Pet with the Village of Greendale

Posted in: Village

Village of Greendale Ordinance 12.04-Animals

  • Any dog or cat over 5 months old must be licensed
  • Must present proof of immunization and spay/neuter
  • Fee is double for pets who are NOT spayed/neutered
  • Attach license tag to animal collar
  • Renew license at Village hall (423-2100) or with MADACC, (649-8640)
  • Permit from Jan 1 to Dec 31

Must be licensed by March 31st to avoid late fees

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Pest Control Application

Posted in: Buildings & Grounds, OLCA News

Each building perimeter sprayed by Batzner Pest Service one time per month, April through October, for treatment of exterior pests.

By law, they are required to notify each person (on the day) when any spray is done outside around their building. When a building is sprayed there will be a paper notice in the white box near your entrance door.

OLCA Roof Repair/Dryer Vent Replacement

Posted in: OLCA News

Building 46 re-roofing will start on March 25th. This includes installation of new 4” roof vents for the new dryer duct pipe to be installed later this spring and summer. Building 46 should take about one week, depending on weather. After Building 46 re-roofing is completed, Building 39 and 40 are scheduled next. A total of 8 buildings will be re-roofed this summer.

This spring and summer new 4” dryer duct pipe will be installed in all the attics, as well as cleaning out the pipes inside the buildings. The benefits of clean exhaust ducts are increased airflow, reduction of excessive heat build-up and chance of fire from lint build up in the exhaust duct.

Condo owners and residents will be informed by property management within a week of work being done on your building. If you have not been notified before the work has started, please let us know by filling out the Website Feedback form.


  • After your roof has been completed please watch out for nails in your driveway or sidewalks.
  • While the work is being done you may want to remove any fragile items off of your walls and replace after the work is finished.

In October 2016, the Board of Directors in conjunction with John Sileno (SCI Real Estate) contracted an engineering firm to investigate the condition of our roofs and attics. While the roofs were expected to last 30 years, in recent years some have started to show signs of age. The purpose of the investigation was to arm the board with data to determine an effective roof replacement strategy. Download the OLCA Roof/Attic Investigation Report for details.

In addition, the board is pursuing warranties for roofs that will need replacement. This step is aimed to provide supplemental funding for at least some of the replacements (the majority of the replacement monies will come from the OLCA reserve fund). At this time the board is evaluating a multi-year replacement schedule based on roof conditions from the report, amount of annual funding, warranty status, and number of roofs that our contractor can replace per year (there is a limited window-of-time each year based on temperature and season).

How to Make Recycling Smart and Safe

Posted in: Public Service Announcements

Learn how to be a smart recycler in this informative article featuring tips and guidelines that most of us do not know.

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Join Our Community Facebook Group

Posted in: Community, OLCA News

Are you on Facebook? Overlook Lakes Condo Association now has a private group just for condo residents! You can chat about happenings around the neighborhood, updated OLCA news, post local events and more.

Join the group today

Wellness Within Walking Distance

Posted in: Community, Health & Wellness

Are you looking for a wellness community center within walking distance? Look just past the Overlook Lakes sign at 5307 S. 92nd Street in the Valley View Center building! On the lower level, 4 businesses welcome everyone to join us for:

Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Intuitive readings, Meditation, Nutrition, Self-care workshops and many more.

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Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness

Posted in: Public Service Announcements

Keep safe during Wisconsin’s severe weather season. Topics include: Statewide Tornado Drills, Wisconsin Tornado Weather Facts, Tornado Warning vs. Tornado Watch, What to Do During a Tornado, The “Smoke Alarm” for Severe Weather and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA).

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Replacement Reserve Fund Study for Overlook Lakes Condominiums

Posted in: OLCA News

Your Overlook Lakes Condominium Board of Directors continues to be proactive rather than reactive to common issues facing all of us as participants in our Association. To that end, the Board commissioned Reserve Advisors, Inc. to prepare a Replacement Reserve Fund study for Overlook Lakes Condominiums. The Board supplied answers to a myriad of questions in order for their representative to prepare for an on-site review of our entire property. This on-site review was done on October 5, 2017 and the preliminary report was completed on November 3, 2017.

After the “preliminary” Reserve Advisor Report was reviewed by the Finance Committee and the Board, some updates and clarifications were made and those changes were documented in detail in the Board Minutes dated February 22, 2018.

As a result, the FINAL Reserve Advisor Report dated March 1, 2018 has now superseded the preliminary report and it is posted in the Owner’s Section of the Overlook Lakes web site for review and analysis by all OLCA owners.

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Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Posted in: Community, Public Service Announcements

Wisconsin law requires residential occupancies, including condominiums, install carbon monoxide alarms. The law states that CO alarms are required on residences having fuel burning appliances, fireplaces, or attached garages. The alarms must be installed within 15 feet of each sleeping area of the fuel burning appliance. While contractors are required to install hard-wired CO alarms in all new construction, owners in existing buildings must install their own alarms. Because Overlook Lakes units have gas furnaces, we are required to comply with the law.

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The Village of Greendale is now a member of AARP’s Network of Age-Friendly Communities

Posted in: Community, Village

On October 21st 2017 SAGE, AARP WI representatives and our Village leaders celebrated our new Age-Friendly designation! They discussed what it means to be an Age-Friendly Community and how YOU can be involved in continuing to make Greendale a vibrant community, where people of all ages can live, work and play across a life span.

Learn more about SAGE

Pest Management Post Application Information Sheets

Posted in: OLCA News

Ever wonder what those sheets from Batzner in your white boxes are, and why they are there? Residents should be aware of the types of products being applied and understand the entire story of these compounds. Read your information sheets from Batzner. Stay informed. Learn about these products.

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The Wisconsin Gas Light Building with the Flame on Top

Posted in: General Interest

When the flame is red, it’s warm weather ahead!
When the flame is gold, watch out for cold!
When the flame is blue, there’s no change in view!
When there’s a flickering flame, expect snow or rain!

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Greendale Health Department Offers Myriad Services to Residents

Posted in: Community, Health & Wellness, Village

The Mission of the Greendale Health Department (GHD) is to assess and protect the wellbeing of the community, by supplying accurate health information, building collaborative partnerships, and providing services that enhance health, prevent illness, and increase the resilience of our residents, especially the most vulnerable in our village. Several Overlook Lakes residents volunteer with the GHD.

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Inspiring Quotes

Posted in: General Interest

“It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever – the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it.”

– Vince Lombardi