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Welcome to the Overlook Lakes Condominium Association Community Resource

Managed and updated by a team of neighbor volunteers, the user-friendly OLCA website is designed to offer information and communication to condominium owners and residents. This is your “go to” place for important announcements, events, contacts, and resources. We welcome feedback and suggestions if you have ideas to help make our community grow!

What's New

8-5-20: FW Construction & Handyman Services was recommended as a Storm Door Replacement Vendor.

8-5-20: 2 Hass Garage Doors models have been added as approved Overhead Garage Door Replacements.

7-28-20: The OLCA “OVER” View article Landscape Update has been updated.

7-24-20: An OLCA “OVER” View article The Very First Owner Q&A Session has been posted.

7-18-20: An OLCA “OVER” View article Buildings and Grounds Volunteer Work Makes a Difference has been posted.

7-13-20: Board Minutes from the May 14th and June 9th, 2020 meeting have been posted in the Owner’s Section.

6-3-20: The 2019 OLCA/OLMA Year End Report – 2020 OLCA/OLMA Budget has been posted in the Owner’s Section.

5-28-20: A new Resources page: Pool and Recreational Facility has been added. Please note this page is currently being revised and will be re-posted when ready.

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Owners are encouraged to subscribe to the secure Owner’s section. This section includes board minutes, key condo documents, and an Owner’s Communication form where owners submit articles to post on the OLCA website.

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Non-owners are encouraged to subscribe to the OLCA email distribution list to receive ongoing email updates about OLCA News and Events.

The "OVER" View

Keep up to date with what is happening at OLCA and within our Community. The “OVER” View is a collection of OLCA News, Events, Public Service Announcements and Posts from people within our Community. If you would like to submit an article, please fill out the Owner’s Communication form.

Landscape Update

Posted on: July 28, 2020 in ,

7-28-20 Update

It is now the end of July and there are a number of questions on the minds of owners with regards to our landscaping. As everyone knows, we have a new landscape contractor, Villani Landshapers. There has been some challenges this first season, but please be patient, we are confident we will successfully work through these challenges. Next week there is a meeting scheduled to address our issues and concerns. Below you will find answers to the most common questions we have received. Should you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to email Linda Meyer directly.

Some of our Crab Apple trees look like they’re dying. Is there something wrong?

Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with the trees. For reasons unknown, the Crab Apples were not sprayed this spring. This resulted in yellowing and eventual abscission of the leaves. This does not mean the trees are dying; it simply means they won’t be visually pleasing this year. We will ensure they get sprayed next spring so they will be beautiful throughout the summer.

A number of trees were removed last year leaving quite a few “bare” spots in the complex. What’s happening in those areas?

Villani is in the process of reviewing each area and working on proposals for replacements. Once received, the B&G Committee as well as the Board of Directors will review and schedule an implementation plan for each area.

I saw Villani come through and trim bushes and shrubs in June, but some bushes and shrubs weren’t trimmed. Are they coming back?

Yes! On July 30-31st, Villani will be making the second round of bush and shrub trimming. If your bushes or shrubs are not trimmed to your satisfaction, please inform Linda.

Read other Landscape Updates at the link below.

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Come join the OLCA Board, Committees and Management for the first of many Owner Q&A sessions. It will be held on Monday August 10th* @ 6:30–8:00 pm at the OLCA Rec Center Pool Area. Common & miscellaneous topics, listed in the Agenda, will be covered. We will end with an open session of Owner questions and concerns.

To keep things safe by implementing social distancing practices, this Q&A will be strictly limited to the first 16 registrations. Be sure to BYOM (bring your own mask). The pool will be open but the lounge chairs will be moved a safe distance away from the group. The hot tub will not be available during this session, as the session will be gathered there. Please feel free to Email the Communications Committee with any questions.

Don’t miss out and register today, space is limited to the first 16 registrations.

Download the August 2020 Agenda

*Rain date Monday, August 17th.

From April to June the OLCA Buildings and Grounds volunteers have completed a variety of tasks in our neighborhood. While on duty, our volunteers have been fortunate to meet new neighbors. Neighbors have expressed appreciation for the work and also agreed to do their own watering, saving time and potential losses.

We would like to thank volunteers: Sally, Russ, Linda, Dave, Cathy, Alex, Randy for a total of over 50 donated hours, saving the OLCA over $5000!

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The Buildings and Grounds Committee is reaching out to residents who would have an interest in helping with light landscaping work around the complex. As most are aware, the budget for landscaping work is limited. This volunteer work group will augment our contractor’s work by performing “light” landscaping.

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The Overlook Lakes Pool will be opening on Tuesday, May 26th with additional COVID19 Rules:

  1. Maximum Occupancy of the Rec Facility shall be 60% of Listed Occupancy or 51 patrons.
  2. Lounge Chairs shall be initially spaced approximately 6’ apart.
  3. Patio Tables shall be equipped with (4) chairs. Please refrain from bringing food to the pool.
  4. Although showering is still a requirement of the State Health code, we ask that all patrons refrain from using the Rec Facility showers, and to shower at home.
  5. The Rec Facility Restrooms will remain open, and it is up to individuals to practice Shelter at Home policy, by washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water.
  6. The changing rooms will remain open for use.
  7. The Lockers will not be usable at this time. Please leave your valuables at home, and do not leave any personal items in the Facility Restrooms.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We want everyone to enjoy the Rec Facility in the safest manner possible, and will continue to follow CDC or local health administrator’s recommendations going forward.

Additional COVID-19 Information Resources

Thanks to the voice of the OLCA Community, the pool entrance is now secured and requires a key fob for entrance.

To receive your new key fob contact Cecily at the OLCA office to set up an appointment. Phone: 414-427-5715 or Email:

Each Owner/Resident will be issued one (1) free key fob per adult in the household, up to two (2) free key fobs. Any replacement key fobs will be $15.00 each. Misuse of key fobs would result in losing your pool privileges.

The 2020 OLCA annual meeting, as stipulated in the Bylaws, was scheduled for the evening of May 5. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to hold the meeting on that date or anytime in the immediate future. The meeting has been postponed and tentatively rescheduled for September 15, 2020. At that time elections will be held for two new Board members, review past and current financial performance, address any questions or concerns any owner may have, and enjoy the opportunity to meet with neighbors at Overlook Lakes. Greendale High School has not yet set its fall calendar, therefore this venue cannot be reserved at this time. Currently the OLCA Board of Directors is considering alternative venues.

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Your Overlook Lakes Board of Directors are proposing to recruit one person per building to serve as a “Building Rep” or “Key Contact”.


To help improve communication to all residents at the building level.

Building Rep Duties:

  • Help residents without internet or email stay up-to-date on OLCA and issues related to their building.
  • Serve as primary point-of-contact for major events that affect their building such as roof repairs/replacements, drive-way repairs, concrete maintenance and weed control, to name a few.
  • Serve as a “key contact” for relaying issues or concerns that relate to their entire building to the board (individual owner requests would still be handled by the owner).
  • Maintain current contact information for all residents of their building.


100% voluntary for as long as you want to keep the job

Questions? Contact Tom Meyer:

As a side note, The Buildings & Grounds Committee is also actively recruiting volunteers to assist with small landscaping projects. If you have a couple hours to spare from time-to-time, please consider helping us keep Overlook Lakes a community that you can be proud to call home! For more information contact Linda Meyer at: 414-235-3308.

Have you ever considered running for the OLCA Board of Directors but didnt know what the OLCA Board actually does? Below you will find an outline of the roles and expectations of an OLCA Board Member. All owners are welcome and encouraged to run for the OLCA Board of Directors.

Board Member Role

The affairs of the Overlook Lakes Condominium Association shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of such number of persons as provided in the By-Laws. Members of the Board of Directors may be elected to 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year terms of service.

Expectations of the Board Member

  1. All members of the OLCA Board of Directors shall be current owners and residents of the OLCA and current in their dues.
  2. All members of the OLCA Board of Directors shall complete a Candidate Nomination for the Board of Directors form and shall return it to the Overlook Lakes Office at least one-week prior to the Association’s Annual Meeting.
  3. Attends and actively participates in all regularly scheduled Board meetings. Currently these meetings are normally held on the third Thursday of the month at 6:15PM at the Overlook Lakes Office. However, this date and time can be changed as it suits the requirements of the current Board membership. Occasionally, by unanimous agreement of Board members and when agenda items allow it, a monthly meeting may be skipped.
  4. Prepares for and actively participates in the discussion of OLCA business during the regularly scheduled meetings.
  5. Actively participates in the email exchanges amongst the members of the Board of Directors in between the regularly scheduled meetings of the Board. Especially when these exchanges involve actions required for timely decisions on behalf of residents of the OLCA. The OLCA Communications Committee will provide an OLCA email address for you to conduct OLCA business separate from your personal email account.
  6. Willingness to accept additional tasks/projects as needed or directed by the President of the Board of Directors (voluntary).
  7. Willing to consider the possibility of serving a one-year term as President, Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer as the result of discussion and elections amongst the members of the Board of Directors.

Over the past few years development of outdoor security devices make it feasible for the average homeowner to own one; and their popularity has grown substantially. The Board of Directors approved Rule 107  to clarify the Association By-Laws – Maintenance, Alteration and Improvement of Condominium. This rule will help you to follow the necessary process to get approval for installation of a security device.

Rule 107 has been posted in the “Rules Of The Association” area of the Owner’s Section for you to download.

Website Refresh

Posted on: February 23, 2020 in

It’s hard to believe the OLCA website is already 3 years old! It seems like only yesterday all OLCA information was either mailed in very long intervals or wasnt deemed important to send to Owners. In an effort to keep things up to date and easier to maintain, the Communications Committee has given the OLCA website a refresh and reorganization.

Key additions/improvements include:

Note: If things do not look or function correctly, you might have to clear your browser cache to see the new design.

As always your feedback is welcome, the Communications Committee is open for other ideas you would like to see on the OLCA website.

Committee Volunteers Needed

Posted on: July 10, 2019 in

How would you like to be more involved in the association, get to know your neighbors, and help maintain our well-run beautiful property? Consider participating in one of our volunteer association committees! Overlook Lakes has four committees: Buildings & Grounds, Finance, Communications and Social. Each committee has a variety of tasks that need a bit of your time and talent. Choose what fits your style!

If you are interesting in helping visit the OLCA Committee Page and contact the Committee Leader.

Grilling On Balconies

Posted on: June 10, 2019 in

The use of grills on the balconies of any apartment building or condo is prohibited. At ground level grills shall not be used within 10 feet of any structure and at least 36” away from any combustibles when operated. Liquid propane grills are not allowed above the ground floor and LP cylinders are never to be stored or transported through the building. They cannot be lifted to the balcony on the exterior of the building.

Village Burning Codes

Posted on: June 10, 2019 in

14.08 (3) FIRE PITS

(3) RECREATIONAL BURNING (Wood Burning Appliance) A recreational fire is defined as a fire to be used for cooking, or esthetics benefit similar to that of a campfire. The fire shall be confined to a commercially designed outdoor wood burning appliance.

  1. Requirements on size and location of recreational fires, and general requirements.
  2. Fires shall be in an approved outdoor appliance less than or equal to 3 feet in diameter and less than or equal to 3 feet in height.
  3. The fire area shall be protected by a screen or wire mesh as to hold down any flying embers.
  4. Fires shall contain only wood or charcoal; any other building materials are prohibited
  5. The wind velocity may not exceed 10 mph.
  6. Fires shall NOT be started or accelerated using flammable liquids, such as gasoline.
  7. The fire must be a minimum of 10 feet from all structures, roadways and lot lines.
  8. The outdoor appliance shall not be used on any deck or wooden surface.
  9. If smoke travels in such a manner that it obscures roadways, if the fire department receives complaints from the area, or it is deemed to be a hazard, the Fire Official reserves the right to require that the fire be extinguished.

Village of Greendale Ordinance 12.04-Animals

  • Any dog or cat over 5 months old must be licensed
  • Must present proof of immunization and spay/neuter
  • Fee is double for pets who are NOT spayed/neutered
  • Attach license tag to animal collar
  • Renew license at Village hall (423-2100) or with MADACC, (649-8640)
  • Permit from Jan 1 to Dec 31

Must be licensed by March 31st to avoid late fees

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Each building perimeter sprayed by Batzner Pest Service one time per month, April through October, for treatment of exterior pests.

By law, they are required to notify each person (on the day) when any spray is done outside around their building. When a building is sprayed there will be a paper notice in the white box near your entrance door.

Wisconsin law requires residential occupancies, including condominiums, install carbon monoxide alarms. The law states that CO alarms are required on residences having fuel burning appliances, fireplaces, or attached garages. The alarms must be installed within 15 feet of each sleeping area of the fuel burning appliance. While contractors are required to install hard-wired CO alarms in all new construction, owners in existing buildings must install their own alarms. Because Overlook Lakes units have gas furnaces, we are required to comply with the law.

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The Mission of the Greendale Health Department (GHD) is to assess and protect the wellbeing of the community, by supplying accurate health information, building collaborative partnerships, and providing services that enhance health, prevent illness, and increase the resilience of our residents, especially the most vulnerable in our village. Several Overlook Lakes residents volunteer with the GHD.

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Inspiring Quotes

Posted on: July 20, 2017 in

“It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever – the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it.”

– Vince Lombardi